About Us

Our Story

J Home New Construction and Renovation is a licensed and insured company, whose home base is Florida, and travel to different states to ensure we provide our customers the best custom projects that meets their needs but supersedes their expectations. We pride ourselves on providing not just quality work that uphold our brand’s integrity, but also dedicate time and patience to yield 100 percent client satisfaction.

whether you are looking for a traditional, modern, or a more innovative project done to your home or business, our team of trusted professionals have over 20 years  in combined experience to deliver you quality work with an unparalleled customer service approach.

What We Offer

We Understand Requirements

Choosing the right contractor is imperative in your project’s completion and success. Hiring us and our team of trusted professionals means you are guaranteed us obtaining proper permits directly from the city, ensure inspections are approved on the initial assessment, and verifying entire project build is up to code. We also manage your expectations by handling issues that may potential arise during the process by resolving them in a suitable and professional manner all while keeping an open communication with you on the status of your project.

We Work Precisely ​

Because your satisfaction is of upmost priority, we dedicate time and work efficiently to ensure each project is initiated and executed with proper deadlines conducive of each project’s type. We work directly with you to develop the appropriate budget and coordinate projects with subcontractors if warranted to facilitate a sensible completion timeframe.

We Deliver Best Output​

Although construction projects can yield some confusion, we have the best tools and appropriate plans in place when delivering any service type to our clients. With our dedicated patient satisfaction, successful job completion BEFORE project deadlines, clear and open communication skills, remaining within the budget, and providing great quality work approach, we are certain that our productivity measures will in turn provide our clients and customers the best project outcomes superseding their expectations.

We Provide the Best Services in The Industries